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  • Corporate Gifting - 3 Reasons To Start It

    Before we talk about the importance, let’s first understand what corporate gifting exactly means. Corporate gifting means sending gifts to your emp...
  • Gifting Industry Can Gain 13% Increase In UAE- Here Is Why & How?

    Over the last couple of decades, we have seen exponential growth in the gifting industry, especially in gift boxes, with new types of trending gift...
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    In the last blog, we discussed numerous bad gifts and their repercussions, so now we will emphasize the good gifts that can do wonders to your rela...
  • Gifts That Will Go Wrong

    We always try to beat ourselves up for forgetting a gift on their special day. But, what’s worse than forgetting a gift? Presenting a wrong gift! Y...
  • Why Should You Buy Gifts Online?

    Nowadays, it’s not that difficult to search for the right gifts online; all you need is the internet and a phone. You will get hundreds of results ...
  • Gifting Etiquette In UAE

    Gifting has been followed for centuries worldwide, but there has been a time where you’ve come across or heard about Arab’s gift-giving culture. Bu...
  • A Practical Gifting Guide For Him

    Finding fail-proof gifts for your loved ones is hard, let alone men, so how do you go on about it then? We all want to give a perfect gift that the...
  • Best Practices of Corporate Gifting

    Corporate gifting is sometimes more complex than personal gifting because there are many guidelines behind the entire process. Usually, people end up putting very little thought and effort into this, due to which they don’t get the results that they desired. Many things can go wrong, but what can be the solution for this? 

  • A Perfect Gifting Guide For Her

    The women in your life are generally the ones who support you all year long. And well, the least you could do is get a gift that she would love. So, to do this, you need to take some time out and think of her interests, likes, taste, and preferences. Well, you could always go for designer wallets or watches, dresses, or even a makeup kit. But is it something that she wants? Though we can agree that the majority of women might end up liking these gifts but not always. 

  • Online Gifts Delivery: How Gifting Has Evolved During Pandemic?

    Few American companies have also taken corporate gifting during the pandemic and focused their holiday gifts on wellness and personalized products. With the Work From Home policy, many corporate gatherings could not take place. Hence, people started feeling disconnected from their companies. This encouraged a shift of focus into employee gifting. Online gifts delivery is the right way to connect with anyone and express their gratitude and appreciation, which many companies did.

  • تشكيلة صناديق هدايا فريدة من نوعها

    جوكوكا سهلت عليك الإختيار من خلال ثلاث تشكيلات للهدايا فريدة ومميزة. تم إختيار هذه التشكيلات بدقة حتى تتمكن من التسوق بسهولة ومنح أحبائك أفضل مفاجأة على الإطلاق! في الفترة الحالية، لدينا ثلاث مجموعات - له، ولها، ولكل مناسبة. كما نقوم بإضافة كارت هدايا مكتوب بخط اليد مجانًا في كل هدية لإضافة بعض اللمسات الشخصية المميزة. وأفضل ما يُميزنا هو التوصيل خلال يومين فقط! لذلك، في المرة القادمة التي تشعر فيها بالحيرة بشأن ما ستقدمه، إلق نظرة على مجموعاتنا، ونعدك بأنك ستجعل من تحبهم سعداء!

  • صناديق هدايا مميزة وفريدة

    جوكوكا قامت مؤخراً بإطلاق قسم خاص بصناديق الهدايا الشخصية والمميزة لكل المناسبات لمن تحبونهم. نحن فخورون للغاية ومتحمسون لمشاركة هذا معكم من خلال صناديق هدايا شخصية فريدة من نوعها سوف تنال إعجاب من تحبون بالتأكيد بتنسيقها المميز والفريد. تم تنسيق وتغليف صناديق الهدايا هذه بعناية مع الكثير من الحب والجهد الذي إستغرق الكثير من الوقت، لذلك لا تشعر بالقلق حيال إختيار الهدية المناسبة، فنحن لدينا دائماً الحل.