Gifting Etiquette In UAE

Gifting has been followed for centuries worldwide, but there has been a time where you’ve come across or heard about Arab’s gift-giving culture. But, what’s so special about gifting in The United Arab of Emirates? Why is it considered to be vital and famous? Why are few gifts considered highly inappropriate? Why is it customary to present one during a business meeting? Well, lucky for you, we will answer and explain all the answers to your questions in this blog. We will discuss the etiquette to be followed, the do’s and the dont’s, and dig deeper into this beautiful culture where gifting is considered essential!  

What Not To Gift?

One must follow certain obligations and unsaid rules, such as avoiding gifts that will not be received suitably. Usually, it’s not recommended to present a meat product but even if it is, make sure it is marked as “Halal.” If you think of gifting someone from the opposite gender, just think it through because it is uncommon and considered to be intimate. Do not give jewelry because, according to Sharia, men are not supposed to wear gold or silk clothing. Reading all of the points mentioned above can overwhelm you, and if you have just moved into UAE or are a visitor, it can be hard to figure out what’s best for your guests and what’s not. So, the next time you are confused about this, just search on the internet if it’s an appropriate item to present or ask any of your Arab friends. They will know better than the people on the Internet.  

What To Gift?

Don’t freak out! There are too many other options out there. Now, we will discuss the suitable gifts that one can present, such as perfumes, attars or colognes (most common), books, expensive chocolates or desserts, fruit baskets, tea products, toys for kids, and other such things. More than all of those, what matters the most is the genuineness and the intent behind gifting. Make sure the modesty is seen. Of course, good quality products are always much better than regular products, and Arabs are known for their luxurious living. So, expensive and high-quality gifts are always welcomed.

It is always a good idea to take a small gift to business meetings because they highly value it. If you meet your client’s family, keep in mind that you can take age-appropriate gifts if they have kids. And, if this is your first time in their house, at all cost, do not forget to take a gift! Arabs strictly follow the tradition of presenting a gift during their first visit to someone’s house. You don’t always have to wait for special events or occasions either. The National Holidays of UAE are also widely celebrated in the country. You can choose event-appropriate gifts and wish your friends and family. 

Where To Find Appropriate Gifts?

Personalized Gifts are always a much better idea than anything, and for that, you need to understand the recipient’s personality and preferences. This will add a personal and meaningful touch to your gift, and they will never forget you for the kind gesture. Lucky for you, we have recently launched a diverse range of  Unique, Personalized & Online Gift Boxes that will be delivered within two days to your loved one’s homes. You can also add a free personal note to convey good wishes and write something unique, So the next time you’re wondering what to gift your Arab friend or colleagues, take a look at our curated gift boxes that are suited for every personality and occasion!