Gifts That Will Go Wrong

We always try to beat ourselves up for forgetting a gift on their special day. But, what’s worse than forgetting a gift? Presenting a wrong gift! Yes, sometimes it just so happens that we think about what we want to give but not what they would love to receive. Hence, we present the wrong gift, which can strain the relationship they share with the recipient. Of course, the thought matters the most, but if you truly stick to that statement and don’t make an effort, then the recipient will be disappointed.

Especially during the Christmas holidays, families come together with gifts and often end with forced smiles and hollow thank yous. No one wants that, and it isn’t worth telling the giver that they dislike it, so the giver needs to ensure that it doesn’t go wrong at any cost. A gift isn’t just a gift; and it is a symbol of love and appreciation towards each other. To save your time, energy, and money, we will list down few unsuitable gifts that you should avoid. 

  1. Pets

    Well, there has been a point where we all considered giving a pet as a present, and as cute as it sounds, it’s one of the worse ideas. It can be a dog, cat, or even a mouse, but giving the responsibility to the receiver is not advised. They will love the gift, but in the future, they will be in a position where they can neither return nor keep it.

    Apart from this, their family or roommates might have allergies or concerns about their lifestyle. Bringing up a pet is never easy, but it could be a good idea f you have the right people around you. Even then, it is still advised to avoid this. 

  2. Gym Membership/Gym Equipment

    We all have that one friend who always wanted to go to the gym and work out but, in reality, never did. In that case, a gym membership can sound pretty amusing as a gift, but it sends out the wrong message. The recipient might think you gifted it to lose weight, which will make them self-conscious.

    The same goes for specific gym equipment, and you don’t want them thinking that you did it because of that and not because you had good intentions. But then, what would be the right gift for them? We came up with the Fit Is Hit Gift Box curated for all the gym freaks in UAE! 

  3. Chore Items

    Giving someone tools such as a vacuum cleaner, bathroom cleaning kit, lawnmower, dust cleaners, grass cutters, washing machines, and other items is not advisable. Well, if it is for someone who cannot afford it, then you can give it a thought, but if it is for someone who can afford it, then don’t even think about it!

    It will send out a wrong message, and they might feel that their house is untidy due to which you have given this. It sounds more like, “Hey, here’s your lawnmower. You might wanna cut that grass out in the front.” rather than a present.

  4. Re-Gifts

    We have all received presents that we didn’t quite like and you might think it would be the right gift for your friend. This can be something they want but it still comes in the gray area of gifting etiquette.

    It is wrong and unethical to do so, and you should avoid doing this at any cost. Because if in case the receiver gets to know that you have regifted it, it would break the relationship that you guys share, and you would end up regretting this for a very long time. It is not worth taking this hassle, so think twice before you do it.

  5. Personal Clothing/Items

    Clothing involves garments such as shapewear, lingerie, underwear, or innerwear (whatever you call it) because this also sends out a wrong message. They might think you are criticizing their bodies or that you are insulting them by gifting them these things. The same goes for perfumes. If you are planning to gift it to your loved ones, then you must rethink it twice. They can get the wrong notion that you are giving.

    It all depends on the relationship you share at the end of the day because if it is your dad who came back from abroad and got you a perfume, it would be great. But if you are gifting perfume on your co-worker/boss’s birthday, then it can leave a horrible impression. 

Gifting Solution To Your Problems

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