Gifts That Will Never Go Wrong!

In the last blog, we discussed numerous bad gifts and their repercussions, so now we will emphasize the good gifts that can do wonders to your relationships. It’s October already, and soon enough, every one of us will go holiday shopping. 

Well, 2021 has been an eventful year, and within three months, we are entering into the 3rd year of the pandemic with some hope for our futures. With the availability of vaccines in all the countries, most of us are fortunate enough to have been vaccinated with some ease. The holiday season this year is going to be very special and exciting. So if you are looking for gifts for your loved ones, then you have come to the right place! 

Gift Ideas For Her

The best type of gifts are those which are very personal to the recipient. Unless you know your girlfriend, friend, sister or mother well, finding that perfect gift will be a pretty tiresome task. Especially when your girlfriend isn’t leaving any room for hints, regardless of the years you’ve been together, it can be challenging to get it right. 

You could always go for handbags, watches, wireless chargers, self-love books, earrings, skincare products, portraits, necklaces, polaroid camera, coffee maker, bluetooth speakers, spa coupons, makeup kits, gift cards, air fryer, sneakers, tote bags, membership or subscriptions, and so on. 

Nowadays, you can also gift experiences such as theatre tickets, concert passes, sporting event passes, rafting/skydiving, wine tasting, and amusement parks. Gifts that are personal and meaningful are a lot more valuable than expensive gifts. 

Try to think outside the box once in a while, and if you are finding that difficult, then we have a dedicated gifting platform just for this reason. If you are looking for unique and personalized gifting options in UAE, then you have to visit Jokoka. And, if you are finding it challenging to find Gifts For Her in UAE, then we have listed down few cute options here - 

  • Bride To Be Box - Curated for all the beautiful brides who are about to embark on their lifelong journey of love and happiness!

  • Art Lovers’ Box -

    A true artist is not the one inspired but the one who inspires others. Why don’t you kick-start their journey with this lovely gift box?

  • Calming Box

    Have they been caught with a hectic workload and never-ending busy schedule? Let them find the calm in this chaos with this Calming Gift Box.

Gift Ideas For Him

Men are not always that hard to shop for, this is a statement that you might’ve unheard of, but it is true. It only becomes hard to shop when you don’t know the person well. Of course, we all indeed have our unique tastes and preferences, but you got to find that that one thing that he loves or always wanted to have. 

To make it easier, we will list down few items that will never go wrong! On any special occasion, you can present them with gifts such as cameras, oven, sunglasses, sneakers, play station/video games, watches, wallet, headsets, speakers, projector, bracelet, air fryer, cooking set, electric grill, grooming kit, massage gun, smart mug, glass set and so on. Then again, personalized gifts are the most preferred and the most liked by everyone. 

You find various kinds of personalized gifts online in just one search query, but how do you know if it’s trustworthy and of good quality? That’s where we step in! We have a unique and personalized range of gift boxes that any man would be obsessed with. We also have same-day delivery of gift boxes in UAE! Here are some of our Gift Boxes For Men that we think will fit any occasion, moment, or personality! 

  • The Boss Box -

    A truly great boss is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. Make them feel appreciated and loved with this gift box! 

  • … And Relax Box -

    Thank the hardworking men in your life for continuously working and striving for greatness by never giving up on it! 

  • Travellers’ Box -

    This is curated for those who prefer collecting moments over pictures. Surprise that adventurous friend of your life with this unique gift box!