Online Gifts Delivery: How Gifting Has Evolved During Pandemic?

We’re well over a year and a half into this unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. It has brought every country in the world to a standstill and created havoc. Many things have changed ever since. From prolonged restrictions to changes in travel policies, all have changed. Due to which it has become hard to maintain friendships and relationships with people. 

In the end, how did it all affect online gifting? With all the lockdowns and curfews in place, people have stopped hanging out. They have stopped celebrating events, restricted plans due to the risk of infection. So naturally, the gift shops have come to a halt. But, when it comes to online gifts delivery, the number of searches slowly began to pick up. Once it did, it got to a point where online gift stores were running out of time to ship the orders.

Online Gifts Delivery 

People have started searching for meaningful and personal gifts to send their loved ones a message of hope during this atmosphere of fear and despair. It has been a tough time for everyone. Hence, they started looking for online gifts delivery sites that would cheer up and bring positive vibes to their loved ones. 

Corporate Gifting During Pandemic

Few American companies have also taken corporate gifting during the pandemic and focused their holiday gifts on wellness and personalized products. With the Work From Home policy, many corporate gatherings could not take place. Hence, people started feeling disconnected from their companies. This encouraged a shift of focus into employee gifting. Online gifts delivery is the right way to connect with anyone and express their gratitude and appreciation, which many companies did. 

Occasional Gifting During Pandemic

The pandemic has dramatically impacted or canceled many important life events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, vacations, and parties in 2020. Hence, people tried making up for these lost occasions by online gift delivery systems. Now, almost 80% of people are searching for the word “Online Gift”. It all wasn’t just about the compensation, but because of the difficult times that everyone was going through, they just felt compelled to lend a hand. 

Holiday searches on social media used to a spike in June; however, in 2020, it was seen somewhere around April-May. These searches were up by 77%, and the phrase “Christmas gift Ideas” was three times higher in April 2020 compared to 2019. “Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas” increased by almost 46% & “Sentimental Gifts for Best Friend” had doubled in October 2020. 

People have started looking out for gifts that have a story in them. For example, care packages and greetings cards have been a hit during the pandemic. With many people falling sick, their loved ones want to send across a positive ray of hope and encourage them to feel better. 

There has been much awareness due to rapidly rising temperatures and climate change. Due to which many of them are making a conscious effort to go green and buy eco-friendly gifts. Searches for “eco-friendly gift wrapping” have increased by over 110%. So, people are now spending more time on why they are purchasing and to whom? 

There is a lot of consideration and thoughtfulness behind gifting now, and it is quite literally just a way of delivering love, so why not make it memorable?

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