• Gift Boxes - New kid on the block

    A gift box can be given at any occasion: a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or housewarming party. There are many types of gift boxes available, so the next time you are confused about what to gift people, take a minute and visit Jokoka. You will find gift boxes curated for every personality and occasion that can be delivered in under two days. 

  • Mastering The Art of Gifting

    There are so many choices or ways that one has when it comes to gifting or letting your loved ones know that you care, but mastering the art of gifting can save a lot of time and money. It can get hard but after thorough research, anyone can master this skill and it will prove very handy throughout your life.
  • Origin Of Gifting

    Gift-giving has been followed for centuries, and as we progressed into a modern era, the only thing that changed would be the gift itself and not the act. Its purpose always remained the same, to showcase appreciation, happiness and strengthen relationships among family and friends. It doesn’t matter which culture or country you are from, the traditions you follow, or even the occasion because as long as you know that the person on the receiving end would be happy, then that's all that matters.